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"JBPM and Webservice call with callback - please advise"

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I'm quite new to JBPM5, though have worked quite a lot with JBPM4.4.

We are investigating if we can switch to JBPM5.
I need to create a Task in a bpmn flow that sends a message to an external webservice.
Lets call this Task-A.
Moreover, the external party must respond (async) within a definable time (for example 1 hour or 1 day...)
Only if the external party responds within this time period,Task-A can be completed and the next task can be started.
Else a different (error-reporting/fallback) task should be started.
If no response arrived in time, Task-A should be marked as terminated/obsolete(?) so in case a response of the external party arrives afterwards, this has no effect anymore.

Can you give me any ideas in how to accomplish this?

Challenge 1: Creating a callback to complete the Task-A:

I found something similar (I think) in an example called "PersistentEmergencyServiceProcess", though
I'm not sure it is a good staring point since:
1) this handles about human tasks
2) it has an ActiveWorkItemService.java class which states:
 * This class doesn't support ksession crashes. The ksession passed to its 
 * constructor must leave through all the process execution.

==> what if the server get's restarted within the life-span of 1 hour or 1 day?

Challenge 2: Creating a duedate/timeout on the Task-A:

In JBPM4.4 it is quite easy to set a timer (duedate) on a task.
How can this be done in JBPM5?
I do not see such property on a Task in the JBPM Editor.

Challenge 3: How to call an external webservice:

Are there any available helper-classes to easely achieve this?
Or should I just generate POJO from a WSDL and call this code from a bean?

Any advice will be greatly appreciated!


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