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"Re: Boolean Process Variables are not mapped in Users Tasks?"

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sure, i can do that. can you give me some hints...

should i use junit or some other unit test framework?
how do i unit test human tasks in java?

BTW: I found that its not just booleans, but i dont get any result from human task forms, except the inital form at process start. Or is this maybe only contained in the content variable and i need to extract this and map it programmatically?
To my understanding from the documentation it should be that all variables I include in the Input and Output and Assignments sections of a task correspondingly also get to be known in the user form and after completing the form back into the process in the way i defined in the assignment.
However this is not happening. I read on this forum, that in order to get all the ${variableXYZ} to be replaced, i need to place variableXYZ into the content variable as a java.util.Map.
Once I did this using an OnEntry action, the forms were presented to the user just fine. Do I need an AfterEntry action also to read and map the results from the form completed by a user?

If I read the documentation for the jBpm console it describes the all process variables are available to the form and can be accessed with ${variable_name} notation. So actly the whole build up a java.util.Map and asign it to content should be not necessary.
Maybe its a bug in jbpm-console?

Christian Witschel

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