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"JBoss Tools 3.3 on Indigo with M2E  src/main/resources Problem"

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my current setup is
 Eclipse Indigo SR2 
JBoss Tools 3.3

I created a maven project with a couple of modules. My resources go into the directory src/main/resources
After importing this project, i detectet the problem, that my resources get not copied to the deployment.
The build paths in eclipse project shows **/* as exclusion filter

Searching the Internet revealed that this is a known problem
m2e 1.2 should mend this.
So i installed a fresh copy of eclipse and added only the newest versions of m2e(1.2.x) and m2e-wtp(1,6.x)
With that setup, my resources get copied, and the exclusion filter for resources is used. This is one step further because 
the build paths in eclipse shows **/* as exclusion filter

Next natural step for me was to try to install JBoss Tools on top on this working setup.
Due to conflicts between the different m2e versions(the one installed and the other that should bi installed) this does not work.

My question is: How could i get both of these now:
a working m2e *and* a working JBoss Tools for Indigo

The only option i see is: do not use JBoss Tools for now(for the current project)(this will  very, very hard to choose ) and wait a couple of month until there is a fresh version of JBoss Tools out without this kind of .......(choose a word for yourself;-))

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