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"Kindle Fire 2"

To view the document, visit: https://community.jboss.org/docs/DOC-28897

Although the company did not disclose after internal specifications of the  http://www.buykindlefirehd.org/ Kindle Fire HD  device in terms of processor and RAM and internal memory, but it is expected to come " http://www.buykindlefirehd.org/ Kindle Fire 2 " equipped with a central processing unit characterized by high performance and capabilities better than the previous generation.

It is noteworthy that the first version of a "Amazon" Tablet has achieved great success in terms of sales immediately put markets in September last year, almost toppling device "Apple" Tablet because its low price, in addition to being more tablet-based operating system Google "Android" in the world's best-selling, although it lacks several features are all available in various other Tablet PC operating system Android, such as Bluetooth, and port-specific external memory card, camera and keys to adjust the volume. As well as it supports only "Wi-Fi" wireless only, while lacking to third-generation networks "3G".

In a related company plans to "Amazon" expansion in store your applications "Amazon August Store" and launched in a number of European countries such as the United Kingdom  http://www.buykindlefirehd.co.uk/ Buy Kindle Fire HD uk, Germany, France, Italy and Spain later in the summer of this year, after it was confined only to the United States since the start of Store in March of 2011, to be made available in the rest of the world later.  http://www.buykindlefirehd.org/ Kindle Fire HD

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