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"Unable to catch RuntimeException in client EJB"

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I want to throw a runtime exception from my dao layer ,and catch it in service layer to parse the exception and show a meaningful message to user.
 But, when I do this , EJB wraps this exception with RolledBackException and the client EJB is not able to catch it as it expects a SecurityBreakException  which extends RuntimeException. 

I can't throw a checked exception from the class as it implements HibernateListenrs.

 Adding sample code snippet for more clarity: 

// after every save/update/delete the follwing class get triggered 

public class DataChangeListener implements PostDeleteEventListener, PostUpdateEventListener, PostInsertEventListener, Initializable { 
public void onPostInsert(final PostInsertEvent event) { 
//check  if the user is not allowed to do so ,throw a SecurityBreakException 
// else do nothing and let the transaction commit. 
public void onPostUpdate(PostUpdateEvent event) { 
//same as onPostInsert
public void onPostDelete(PostDeleteEvent event) { 
//same as onPostInsert 

@Local public interface SaveUserDataService{ 
public void save(Person person); 

//client EJB which expects a SecurityBreakException 
@Stateful SaveUserDataServiceBean implements SaveUserDataService{ 
public void save(Person person){ 
try{ //code to call dao layer to save a person
 } catch (SecurityBreakException e) { 
// parse the exception and show a meaningful message to user 

//The exception class 
public class SecurityBreakException extends RuntimeException { 
private static final long serialVersionUID = 1L; 
String message; 
public SecurityBreakException(String message) { 
super(message); this.message = message;

 Please guide.

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