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"Re: How to set the Jboss server to truncate the log file contents back to 0 when it is restarted"

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OK, I see the log files in the service installation command: -out %JBOSS_HOME%\bin\stdoutwfc.log -err %JBOSS_HOME%\bin\stderrwfc.log
So these are stdout and stderr outputs, they are not controlled by JBoss AS.

The question now is - what is JBossService.exe? (It's not part of the typical JBoss AS release where there is a jbosssvc.exe that is used to run the service.) If you look at its properties via Windows Explorer, what information is shown on the Details tab? It is JBossService.exe that giverns how the logs are written to and apparently it is appending to the logs rather than overwritting the logs. The question is whether JBossService.exe has an option to not append but to overwrite instead.

Of course one way to reset the files is to stop the service, remove the log files, and then start the service.

Another thing you could try is to remove the files from the service installation command line and reinstall the service. (Or many services put their options in the registry, you could loacte the options in the registry and remove them.)

Notice that those are the same options I provided in my first response...

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