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according to your suggestion, some missed fires will be executed after session is loaded.but in my case it's never be called.
I have three sessions 1,2,3 and created instances p1,p2,p3 on session 1,  Once session were active all threeprocess  timertasks were fired and showing session id 1 and three process context with process id p1,p2,p3.
Now restarted server, in JDKTimerService schedulejob , it is always showing sessioid 0 with correct process instance id p1,p2,p3 and timertasks running fine.
Now I have stopped java application and created new session id 2 and created process instances p4,p5,p6 on session2.
similiarly stopped application and  created p7,p8,p9 on sessiod id 3.
Now I have loaded all three sessions 1,2,3
timertask with delayed of 1 minute.
I can see instances are running multilple time , it seems like each session is running for  p1 to p9 and but behavior is not consistent.
sometime missing fire never runs ,sometime p1 is running for 4 times some p5...but in schedule jo session id is always 0(after startup)
I have table where I am storing session vs processinstanceid but dont know how to keep track of active timers.Is active timers are active processinstace?
Please help on this , stuck on this for days now.
Your suggestion is highly appreciated..

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