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Hi Tom & Jesper,

The method XARecoveryModule#addXAResourceRecoveryHelper gets called with:

- a wrapper around a org.jboss.as.ejb3.remote.EJBTransactionRecoveryService at c72d50
- a wrapper around a org.jboss.jca.core.tx.jbossts.XAResourceRecoveryImpl at 1e53677 (my datasource)

The EJB Transaction Recovery Service is passed into the method because the ServiceControllerImpl starts the EJBTransactionRecoveryService which calls the RecoveryManagerService to add the XAResourceRecovery.

Similarly, the Datasource is added because the ServiceControllerImpl starts the XaDatasourceService which adds the Datasource to the RecoveryManagerService.

Which Service should be calling my Resource Adapter, and why isn't it doing that?

Once the recovery management is setup, JBoss goes on to create a connection factory using my adapter, and then starts my resource adapter.  It looks as though the resource adapter is started after everything has been added to the recovery module.

I've posted all the code to  https://github.com/maxant/share/tree/master/resourceadapterdemo https://github.com/maxant/share/tree/master/resourceadapterdemo so that you can take a look if required.

I have no deployment descriptors except for the ironjacamar.xml that is posted at the start of this thread.  The only two annotations that I have are:

@Connector(reauthenticationSupport = false, transactionSupport = XATransaction)

    on the ResourceAdapter implementation, and:

@ConnectionDefinition(connectionFactory = classOf[SAPConnectionFactory],
    connectionFactoryImpl = classOf[SAPConnectionFactoryImpl],
    connection = classOf[SAPConnection],
    connectionImpl = classOf[SAPConnectionImpl])

    on the ManagedConnectionFactory implementation.

Am I missing something?

(sorry, some of the code is in Scala, but that shouldn't be the reason it isn't working)

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