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"Re: can we implement custom statuses in jBPM 5.4 like approved at 1st level"

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> Rajesh P wrote:
> 1) Can we have only one ksession for entire application? 
>      It is in the memory till application server/web server stops. Since ksession is having references to all the process in the kbase does it take more memory?Please correct me if my understand is wrong.
You can have as many ksessions as you need in your application. There are several strategies that might be used where one and most simple one is singleton - just one session for the application.
When using persistence for your processes then process instances will be only in memory when they are actually executing - that means when process is in wait state like user task or waiting for external signal then it is not kept in memory but only in db.

> 2) Can we implement custom statuses in jBPM?
>      Lets have a workflow process has 2 level of approval. After 1st level approval, can we store the status as 1st level approved in jBPM.
>  is it possible? Correct if I am wrong. Like this can we implement or store custom statuses?.
based on what you described you should model those states as activities in the process where first level of approval is one activity (user task) and then second level is another activity (user task). You can see it like state machine where every node represent a state so that way you have the most flexibility.


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