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Hi Esteban,

Thanks a lot for your reply. 

It is definitely provides me the solution how to customize escalation event . Actually here is the solution I set up according to what you explained before , it is working fine  and  I am giving the java code that can help other members  to define quickly a customized escalation.
Just for information , I do not  use the Servlet HumanTaskServiceServlet  in my application as mechanism for plugging cutomized task service. 

Actually I am using spring configuration on my application , so at startup I am creating the task service using the code below :

public void initialize(){

MyOwnEscalationHandler Myhandler = new MyOwnEscalationHandler();
taskService = new TaskService(emf, SystemEventListenerFactory.getSystemEventListener(),Myhandler);// register my handler in the task service
The class MyOwnEscalationHandler is the following 

*public* *class* MyOwnEscalationHandler *implements*
EscalatedDeadlineHandler {

*public* *void* executeEscalatedDeadline(Task task, Deadline deadline,
 Content content, TaskService service) {
 // *TODO* Auto-generated method stub
 *if* ( deadline == *null* || deadline.getEscalations() == *null*) {
 System.+out+.println("**********No escalation detected**********");

 *for* ( Escalation escalation : deadline.getEscalations() ) {
 System.+out+.println("Deadline detected  processing action ");
 System.+out+.println("The task has expired , I am executing my own Deadline handler**********");
 // we won't impl constraints for now

 // run reassignment first to allow notification to be send to new potential owners
 *if* ( !escalation.getReassignments().isEmpty()) {
 // get first and ignore the rest.
 Reassignment reassignment = escalation.getReassignments().get( 0 );

                task.getTaskData().setStatus( Status.+Ready+ );
 List potentialOwners = *new* ArrayList( reassignment.getPotentialOwners() );
 task.getPeopleAssignments().setPotentialOwners( potentialOwners );
 task.getTaskData().setActualOwner(*new* User("Administrator"));

*for* ( Notification notification : escalation.getNotifications() ) {
 System.+out+.println("****** Notify by emaill**********");
 deadline.setEscalated( *true* );

Best regards,

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