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"JBoss Source Lookup"

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I tried to install this eclipse plugin as mentioned (on +fedora 18+), but I got this following error :
> Cannot complete the install because one or more required items could not be found.
>   Software being installed: JBoss Tools Source Lookup (org.jboss.tools.as.sourcelookup.feature.feature.group
>   Missing requirement: JBoss AS Source Lookup (org.jboss.tools.as.sourcelookup.core requires 'bundle org.eclipse.m2e.jdt [1.0.0,1.1.0)' but it could not be found
>   Cannot satisfy dependency:
>     From: JBoss Tools Source Lookup (org.jboss.tools.as.sourcelookup.feature.feature.group
>     To: org.jboss.tools.as.sourcelookup.core []

It seems that this source lookup plugin depends on *m2e* plugin of versions *1.0.0* or *1.1.0*. But my *m2e* plugin version is +*1.2.0*+ (from fedora) and I can't downgrade this (lot of dependencies). Do we have any  workaround to use this with m2e 1.2.0?

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