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ssilvert at redhat.com ssilvert at redhat.com
Thu Feb 6 07:21:59 EST 2014

On 2/5/2014 8:40 PM, Bill Burke wrote:
> I assume that we want to override any login-config/auth-method settings 
> in the web.xml if the keycloak subsystem is using the deployment? 
> Meaning, if web.xml defines auth-method as BASIC, and the subsystem has 
> that war listed as a deployment we override the auth-method to be KEYCLOAK?
Yes, I think it should do that.

I think probably the subsystem should always take precedence.  It occurs
to me that I did not follow that rule when loading json.  Right now a
keycloak.json file will take precedence over subsystem settings.  But
that is probably wrong.
> On 1/30/2014 9:59 AM, ssilvert at redhat.com wrote:
>> I've done the initial pull request for the Keycloak subsystem.  After
>> starting fresh with the latest build I was finally able to verify  that
>> it really does work end to end!
>> I probably won't have much more time to work on Keycloak for the next
>> 4-5 weeks.  So I'll try to put everything I know about it into these
>> notes in case someone wants to take it over.  I happy to answer
>> questions though.
>> Directions to try the subsystem on your own:
>> * Build the new subsystem module.
>> * Rebuild the undertow adapter.  The EAP6 adapter has not been updated
>> to use the subsystem, so you will need to use WildFly.
>> * Update standalone.xml.  I've attached a version of standalone.xml that
>> I used with the Keycloak appliance.  It shows adding the Keycloak
>> extension near the top of the file and adding the subsystem definition
>> near the bottom.
>> * Copy
>> keycloak/subsystem/target/keycloak-subsystem-1.0-alpha-2-SNAPSHOT.jar to
>> <WILDFLY_HOME>/modules/system/layers/base/org/keycloak/keycloak-subsystem/main
>> * Copy
>> keycloak/distribution/modules/src/main/resources/modules/org/keycloak/keycloak-subsystem/main/module.xml
>> to
>> <WILDFLY_HOME>/modules/system/layers/base/org/keycloak/keycloak-subsystem/main
>> * Edit module.xml and add the subsystem jar as a resource-root.
>> Alternatively, you can just use the module.xml attached to this email.
>> * Copy
>> keycloak/integration/undertow/target/keycloak-undertow-adapter-1.0-alpha-2-SNAPSHOT.jar
>> to
>> <WILDFLY_HOME>/modules/system/layers/base/org/keycloak/keycloak-undertow-adapter/main
>> Now if you reboot WildFly you can view and manipulate the subsystem
>> using CLI or CLI GUI.  All operations such as add/remove/write-attribute
>> should be working.  I recommend CLI GUI so you can see everything in
>> context.  https://community.jboss.org/wiki/AGUIForTheCommandLineInterface
>> To test the subsystem with a live application, I did the following:
>> * Copy the customer-portal.war to customer-portal-subsys.war.
>> * Remove keycloak.json and jboss-deployment-structure.xml from the WAR.
>> The subsystem makes those files redundant.
>> * Edit the web.xml inside the WAR and change the <module-name> to
>> customer-portal-subsys.  I'm not sure if this is really needed.  If we
>> need to manipulate web.xml settings at deploy time then the subsystem
>> can be modified to do that too.
>> * Define the customer-portal-subsys application in Keycloak Admin.  It
>> should have the same settings as customer-portal.
>> * Deploy customer-portal-subsys.war to WildFly and test it out.
>> Future tasks for the Keycloak Subsystem:
>> * Integration with the Keycloak Admin
>> * Review the attributes of realm and secure-deployment to make sure they
>> align with keycloak.json.
>> * Fill in help text in
>> keycloak/subsystem/src/main/resources/org/keycloak/subsystem/extension/LocalDescriptions.properties
>> * See comments in KeycloakAdapterConfigService.java.  This class may
>> work better as a plain Singleton instead of a service.
>> * It probably wouldn't hurt to ask Brian Stansberry to give the
>> subsystem a quick review.
>> * More tests
>> * Package the subsystem with the distribution
>> * Documentation
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