[keycloak-dev] initial theme feedback

Bill Burke bburke at redhat.com
Tue Feb 18 19:07:25 EST 2014

This is what I did.

Appliance contains both the sunset theme and also a "template" theme 
exploded in standalone/configuration.  The WAR distro has a zip file in 
examples/ which can be unzipped in the standalone/configuration 
directory of the server the user has installed Keycloak on.

The "template" theme is a combination of the base and patternfly themes 
(no inheritance).  This allows users to see, edit, and play with all 
files which make up a theme for both login and account.

BTW, Stian, these themes are really really cool.

On 2/18/2014 9:51 AM, Stian Thorgersen wrote:
> One idea is that we can create an example theme users can start with. It could be placed in examples/themes and created by copying templates/messages from base + probably a very basic stylesheet.
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>> Eventually, I hope our users will be non-Java developers.  Extracting
>> from source files or jars may be beyond them.  Pointing the user to a
>> git repo to get sample themes is just unacceptable.  A user is not going
>> to know how to create a theme or modify a theme without getting access
>> to the source.
>> Maybe I'll just extract the default theme into a file copy in the
>> distro.  It will be provided as an option in the admin console and
>> tutorials/docs will point to that template theme folder for users to
>> play with.
>> On 2/17/2014 7:12 AM, Stian Thorgersen wrote:
>>> There is reasoning behind not having the default themes exploded in
>>> standalone/configuration/themes:
>>> * Default themes should not be modified or deleted
>>> * You don't need those files unless you're overriding templates. That's an
>>> "advanced feature", so I believe users that wants to do that can extract
>>> them from source files or jar without difficulty
>>> * If you're just styling the current templates, you do not need to refer to
>>> the files from the default themes
>>> * I didn't want to always require a theme folder
>>> * On LiveOak I want the default themes loaded by class-path, and we'll
>>> probably let users upload custom themes to mongo-fs rather than the
>>> file-system
>>> That being said, if you really, really want to have these themes in the
>>> standalone/configuration/themes that's should be possible by copying them
>>> in there from the jar when building the dist. The "folder provider" now
>>> has a higher priority than the "classpath provider", so if a theme with
>>> the same name exists both places it will be loaded from the "folder
>>> provider".
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>>>> Subject: [keycloak-dev] initial theme feedback
>>>> Is it possible to not have the default themes stuffed in a JAR within
>>>> WEB-INF/lib and instead have them exploded within
>>>> standalone/configuration/themes?  Users should be able to view, modify,
>>>> and copy them directly instead of having to download the source.
>>>> Is this just a matter of moving the theme templates out of common-themes
>>>> and removing DefaultLoginThemeProvider from
>>>> org.keycloak.freemarker.ThemeProvider file?
>>>> I can do this work if you're busy with other stuff.  Do you need a
>>>> screecast created too?
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