[keycloak-dev] Persistent grants - step 1

Marek Posolda mposolda at redhat.com
Fri Apr 17 08:32:30 EDT 2015

I've sent startup PR for persistent grants. I've added 
GrantedConsentModel (is it good name?) to track the roles and protocol 
mappers user granted on consent screen. Consent screen is not displayed 
if user already approved roles and protocol mappers before. There is 
also new "Access" tab in account management where can user see 
previously granted consents and revoke them for particular client. Is 
"Access" good name for the tab?

There is still some work and I will continue if you don't have any 
comments to the current impl. Remaining TODO is:
- representations
- Mongo model (for now I have just JPA. I hope that "file" model could 
be skipped for now?)
- More automated tests

Some additional things to discuss:
- I would like to add 
ClientSessionModel.setProtocolMappers/getProtocolMappers (Set<String> 
with Ids of protocolMappers similarly like current getRoles/setRoles). 
There is one small issue that protocolMappers are actually always 
computed from the ClientModel, which means that there could be 
theoreticallly different protocolMappers displayed to user and then 
later saved to persistent model. Also later we want to add support for 
"scope" parameter, which means that protocolMappers on the consent 
screen could be really different than protocolMappers from the 
ClientModel. Any objections against it?

- It may be good to add ClientModel.setDescription/getDescription, so on 
the consent screen and in Account management Access page is displayed 
the more proper (and localized) description of the client instead of 
clientId (ie. "Have User Privileges in ThirdParty Application" instead 
of "Have User Privileges in third-party"). Any objections against it?

- There is bit related issue 
https://issues.jboss.org/browse/KEYCLOAK-1216 that click on "Logout all 
sessions" in Account management doesn't propagate logout to the apps. 
Currently I invalidate clientSessions of particular client and user 
during revoke, but also don't propagate it to the applications. I would 
like to change that and propagate it and also fix KEYCLOAK-1216  at the 
same time. There will be still small issue for JS applications, because 
when just clientSession of JS application is revoked, the logout won't 
be propagated to the actual application because KEYCLOAK_SESSION cookie 
is still valid. So for JS applications, the application will be really 
logged later when accessToken expires. Any objections against it? Any 
idea how to propagate revoke to JS applications?


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