[keycloak-dev] generic model migration

Marek Posolda mposolda at redhat.com
Mon Apr 27 17:37:18 EDT 2015

TBH, I am not sure if it's the way to go...

The problem is that implementation like MigrationTo1_2_0_RC1 is directly 
using Model API. This can be problematic IMO because when your DB is in 
old version and you call the model operation like:


it could fail as source code is in newest version and hence JPA 
implementation expects the newest DB schema and fields in DB. But 
database is in old version and doesn't yet have those fields. That's why 
it seems to me that only stable way of migration is really the "native" 
calling of DB operations, which sucks but should work :-\


On 27.4.2015 22:15, Bill Burke wrote:
> I implemented this as a singleton data item in JPA or Mongo or File.  I
> jsut store the current version.  Implementation is in
> MigrationModelManager and it just checks the currently stored version
> versus the deployed version.  Its all hardcoded at the moment, but does
> give some abstraction.  I think it is good enough going forward.  Don't
> need anything fancy.

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