[keycloak-dev] Packaging of ApacheDS for examples?

Marek Posolda mposolda at redhat.com
Thu Jul 2 03:48:52 EDT 2015

Thanks, I will investigate (c) then .

It's more work than (a), which is no work

Well, it won't be that hard to do, just afraid of all the dependencies 
required for ApacheDS . Which might cause that size of keycloak-examples 
will grow to be very big (in that case we may need separate example 
package with embedded ApacheDS LDAP/Kerberos to download). I will 
investigate sizes etc and will send update.


On 2.7.2015 09:13, Stian Thorgersen wrote:
> I don't like option a. Why is option c much more work? Doesn't seem like it should be that hard.
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>> Subject: [keycloak-dev] Packaging of ApacheDS for examples?
>> I am thinking about adding LDAP example, which can be used as a base for LDAP
>> mappers based blog and screencast.
>> It will contain the application to show some claims (also both singlevalued
>> and multivalued attributes). It will also contain JSON realm with
>> UserFederation configuration pointing to our ApacheDS and LDIF with some
>> simple users for testing. I already added end-to-end test to the testsuite
>> (LDAPMultipleAttributesTest.ldapPortalEndToEndTest )
>> The only possible problem is how to easily bootstrap ApacheDS based LDAP
>> servers in user's environment. I am thinking about 3 approaches:
>> a) Point to the embedded ApacheDS server from our testsuite. This will be
>> easy to do and it's what Kerberos example is already doing . Problem is that
>> it requires people to checkout the keycloak sources through github and build
>> them through maven, so not very user friendly
>> b) Create docker image for ApacheDS servers (one for ldap example and another
>> for kerberos). Not sure if it's fine to require users to install docker
>> (even more pain might be on windows, when they need boot2docker or
>> something...)
>> c) Packaging with ApacheDS based servers directly into our example package,
>> so people can just run something like:
>> java -jar keycloak-examples/ldap/apacheds-embedded.jar
>> -Dldif.location=keycloak-examples/ldap/example.ldif
>> and similarly for kerberos.
>> For me it's easiest to go with (a) but not sure about usability... Regarding
>> usability (c) looks best but it's much more work.
>> WDYT?
>> Marek
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