[keycloak-dev] Extend informations shown on Server Info page

Stian Thorgersen stian at redhat.com
Mon Jul 13 10:58:50 EDT 2015

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> Sent: Monday, 13 July, 2015 2:55:48 PM
> Subject: [keycloak-dev] Extend informations shown on Server Info page
> Hi,
> we just discussed this topic with Stian on
> https://issues.jboss.org/browse/KEYCLOAK-1542 and we are not sure if it is
> worth to do or not so we should ask other KC devs for their opinion.
> Server Info page contains, beside Providers info, only keycloak version and
> server time. It should be good for real management/operations (based on my
> few year's experience with jboss.org JIRA, SSO and other system's operation)
> to extend it with other informations like:
>     * server uptime
>     * version, vendor and variant of jre used to run it
>     * basic info about OS (type, version)
>     * info about OS user KC runs under
>     * info about locale nad timezone used for JVM
>     * JVM memory statistics (total and free heap mem, perm gen mem)
>     * basic info about DB in case of JPA (JDBC url, JDBC driver type and
>     version, DB type and version) or info about used mongo (version etc)
> This page should contain this info for all cluster nodes in clustered
> environment.
> Stian objected that this info is available form EAP/WF console, but I think
> it is a bit problematic for common KC admin to access it there as it is not
> integrated with KC console.
> Thanks in advance
> Vl.
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