[keycloak-dev] How should reset-password-email work?

Stian Thorgersen stian at redhat.com
Mon Jul 20 09:25:40 EDT 2015

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> Subject: [keycloak-dev] How should reset-password-email work?
> http://keycloak.github.io/docs/rest-api/admin/realms/%7Brealm%7D/users/%7Bid%7D/reset-password-email/index.html
> I'm looking into KEYCLOAK-1543 [1], which concerns the REST API for
> reset-password-email [2].  I want to make sure I understand how this is
> meant to work.
> You make a call to send the user a reset-password email.  And you
> specify a client id and a redirect uri.   I assume the redirect uri is
> the place the user is sent after he changes his password?  (via a link
> he clicks to continue)
> Right now, it looks like the code is checking the client config to make
> sure that the redirect uri is included in the client's "valid redirect
> uri's".  So if redirect uri is specified then client id is also required?
> The problem is that currently, the redirect uri is ignored and the user
> is always sent to the base uri of the client.

Actually I don't think it should be possible to specify a redirect uri for this endpoint. The endpoint is intended for an admin to send a login link to a user and so it can't be part of a login flow. As it's not for a login flow it doesn't make sense to use a redirect uri. Instead it should just be able to specify client and have the user sent to the base uri of the client.

> Please let me know if any of the above is incorrect.  I want to make
> sure I have this right as I fix it and update the documentation.
> [1] https://issues.jboss.org/browse/KEYCLOAK-1543
> [2]
> http://keycloak.github.io/docs/rest-api/admin/realms/%7Brealm%7D/users/%7Bid%7D/reset-password-email/index.html
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