[keycloak-dev] Kerberos with IE does not work

Michael Gerber gerbermichi at me.com
Wed Jul 22 04:07:15 EDT 2015

Hi all

My kerberos configuration works fine with FireFox and Chrome, but it does not work with IE.
It shows a prompt where the user has to enter a username and password.

I can successfully get an access code, but I can not get an access token, because IE overwrites the Authorization header in the AJAX request. (see http://stackoverflow.com/questions/28615850/internet-explorer-11-replaces-authorization-header)

I can fix this by adding 
document.execCommand('ClearAuthenticationCache', 'false');
above of 
var req = new XMLHttpRequest();
approximately at the line 374 in the keycloack.js file.

Is there another solution for this problem?

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