[keycloak-dev] Implementing new protocol mapper to request NameID

Bill Burke bburke at redhat.com
Mon Sep 12 08:25:01 EDT 2016

Good feedback.  We'll eventually open up the protocol mapper spi so that 
the entire assertion can be modified.

On 9/11/16 7:43 PM, Rashmi Singh wrote:
> Looking at the keycloak source code to see how NameID value is set in 
> the SAML response, we came across SamlProtocol class that has the 
> following method:
>      protected String getNameId(String nameIdFormat, 
> ClientSessionModel clientSession, UserSessionModel userSession) {
>         if 
> (nameIdFormat.equals(JBossSAMLURIConstants.NAMEID_FORMAT_EMAIL.get())) {
>             return userSession.getUser().getEmail();
>         } else if 
> (nameIdFormat.equals(JBossSAMLURIConstants.NAMEID_FORMAT_TRANSIENT.get())) 
> {
>             // "G-" stands for "generated" Add this for the slight 
> possibility of collisions.
>             return "G-" + UUID.randomUUID().toString();
>         } else if 
> (nameIdFormat.equals(JBossSAMLURIConstants.NAMEID_FORMAT_PERSISTENT.get())) 
> {
>             return getPersistentNameId(clientSession, userSession);
>         } else if 
> (nameIdFormat.equals(JBossSAMLURIConstants.NAMEID_FORMAT_UNSPECIFIED.get())) 
> {
>             // TODO: Support for persistent NameID (pseudo-random 
> identifier persisted in user object)
>             return userSession.getUser().getUsername();
>         } else {
>             return userSession.getUser().getUsername();
>         }
>     }
> which is just returning either email or username because of which we 
> are restricted in the value that can be set for the NameID. We are not 
> able to set NameID to any value other than this. With our customers, 
>  we have seen lot of cases where users have different IDs across SPs. 
> With the current implementation in KeyCloak, it seems we can only 
> return Name or Email as NameID. Ideally in case of “Unspecified” 
> format, we should have a mechanism to map Name ID to any of user 
> property/attribute.  Do you have any plans to add support for this use 
> case?
> With regard to solving this problem, one option could be to implement 
> a protocol mapper that can be used to map any user property/attribute 
> to NameID. Currently protocol mapper can only be used to return 
> saml:Attribute, so writing a new protocol mapper specifically for 
> requesting NameID would be useful. Is this feasible? And, do you have 
> any plans to add support for this usecase?
> If you are not planning to implement this, are there any design or 
> implementation level inputs/help you can provide on this? And if we 
> implement this protocol mapper from our side, would it be possible to 
> merge it back to the master branch?
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