[keycloak-dev] xa-datasource requirement

Bill Burke bburke at redhat.com
Fri Sep 23 15:31:04 EDT 2016

The User Storage Provider SPI example uses a different datasource than 
KeycloakDS.  What I found is that switching Keycloak to use JTA creates 
a problem.  If you have 2 non-xa datasources in the same JTA 
transaction, Wildfly barfs.  It doesn't allow it.  The workaround is 
have only one non-xa datasources and have all the rest be xa 
datasources, or to make them all be xa-datasources.

I'm changing the KeycloakDS to be an xa-datasource.  I don't think this 
will effect anybody's application, although i'll need to note in 
documentation that this is required and changed.


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