[keycloak-dev] Possible BUG creating User via REST API

Maurício Giacomini Penteado mauriciogiacomini at hotmail.com
Thu Sep 29 09:51:38 EDT 2016

Hello everybody,

All times that I create an user via REST API I have to do login on keycloak using  administrator account and have to update the credentials from user created via REST API with temporary password setted to false. Just if I do these procedures I can do login on my app using the user created via REST API.

I am using the follow code to create an user via REST API:
                CredentialRepresentation credential = new     CredentialRepresentation();

UserRepresentation user = new UserRepresentation();

Response result = kc.realm("rest-example").users().create(user);

I have setted on code false for temporary credential and user as enabled, even so, I can not do login on my application using the created user without do the procedures that I wrote at the beginning of this issue.

I think that REST API is not respecting the properties of temporary credential setted to false and user setted as enabled. It can be a BUG?

If anybody knows how can I update the credentials from a new user created via REST API leaving it able to do login on my application please let me know.


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