[keycloak-dev] E-Mail handling in Keycloak

Thomas Darimont thomas.darimont at googlemail.com
Thu Jan 5 03:21:19 EST 2017

Hello group,

currently Keycloak allows to configure the "from" address per realm which
all emails sent from that particular realm use.

Often a generic address like no-reply at mycorp.com or a realm specific
address like
no-reply-myrealm at mycorp.com is used as "from" address.

It would be nice if one would have more options here like:

1) Use the realm name or a custom string as the display name for the "from"
   Display Name<actual-address at mycorp.com>
   e.g.: "MyCorp SSO"<no-reply at mycorp.com>
           "MyCorp Helpdesk"<helpdesk at mycorp.com>

2) Allow to specify a Bounce Address (MAIL FROM) with some place-holders
(user-id, realm-id)
   e.g.: sso-bounces+${realm-id}_${user-id}@mycorp.com
  This is especially useful when integrating with legacy user stores with
unreliable e-mail addresses.

Shall I create JIRA issues for that?


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