[keycloak-dev] Support for themes in the new deployer

Dmitry Telegin mitya at cargosoft.ru
Mon Jan 9 16:05:21 EST 2017


The new provider deployer is incredibly cool! But could this approach
be extended to themes, so that they'd be deployed from the same

As of 2.5.0, the preferred way to deploy providers is via the
"deployments" directory. But let's imagine a complete Keycloak
extension that comprises several providers and a GUI theme. ATM, there
are three deployment options:
- old school: package everything into a JAR and deploy it as a module;
- package providers and themes separately, deploy the former via the
new mechanism and the latter as a module;
- package everything into a single JAR and deploy via the new
mechanism. This dynamically deployed module, according to JBoss/WildFly
conventions, will be named "deployment.my-module-XYZ.jar"; use this
name in the main config to load theme from the module. This is hacky
and requires restart, which renders unusable the whole idea of hot

However, there could be another option, more natural and simple one,
that is to automatically deploy providers *and* themes from the same
archive placed into the "deployments" directory. What do you think?


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