[keycloak-dev] Storage Provider SPI

Christian Froehlich christian.froehlich at agfa.com
Fri Jan 13 09:02:40 EST 2017


it seems that the Sync settings for the "periodic full sync" and the 
"periodic changed user sync" get only active after a restart of the 
keycloak server.
What I did to get the error:
I migrate our user federation provider from version 2.3.0.Final to the new 
storage proivder SPI in version 2.5.0.Final (BTW: Good job! The SPI is 
better structured and includes a very good documentation at all levels!). 
My ProviderFactory implements the ImportSynchronization interface to make 
a periodic sync possible. The manual sync works well when I push the 
coresponding buttons but the periodic sync is only activated/changed after 
a restart of the server. 
Should I create a jira bug? I can't find a matching bug/issue ...

Regards Christian

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