[keycloak-dev] Extend LDAP User Federation Mechanism with TOTP capability

Liam Maruff liam.maruff at gmail.com
Mon Jan 23 21:56:51 EST 2017

Hello there,

I'd like to replace a custom-built authentication system with OpenID
Connect via Keycloak. To do so, I intend to extend the LDAP User Federation
mechanism (See LDAPStorageProvider, LDAPStorageProviderFactory) to support
TOTP authentication.

Having implemented my extension as a provider (albeit an extension lacking
any additional capability), when I attempt to add an instance of my
provider in the Keycloak administration console the 'Required Settings'
page contains all of the settings for the LDAP federation I am deriving
from, but lacks combo boxes (instead presenting line inputs in their
place), and captions against most fields. What can I do to correct this

Alternatively, is there a more appropriate mechanism for me to provide the
behaviour I desire? Any guidance would be greatly appreciated.


Liam M

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