[keycloak-dev] JWS sizes

Marek Posolda mposolda at redhat.com
Tue Mar 21 13:57:37 EDT 2017

I guess we're not going to support cookie storage anyway, but if yes (in 
theory) isn't it sufficient to go with Hmac-SHA256 based signature? It 
would be Keycloak server itself, which both creates and verifies cookie, 
so perhaps not a need for bigger and less performant RSA?

Which reminds that we can probably save some performance points by using 
HMAC for refresh tokens too? Since it's the Keycloak itself which signs 
and verifies it and from the adapter perspective, refresh token is just 
an opaque string.


On 21/03/17 17:25, Bill Burke wrote:
> FYI,
> Signature for RSA-Sha-256 for JWS is 172 bytes.  The Header of the JWS
> is minimally 20 extra bytes.  Can be more depending on additional
> headers (kid, typ, cty).  Wanted to state these numbers as they effect
> if we want to use a cookie to store session information instead of
> within a ClientSessionModel on the auth server, or HttpSession on
> clients/apps.  Supposedly cookie storage is limited to 4k per domain, so
> we're immediately starting 200 bytes (5%) in the hole.
> Bill
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