[keycloak-dev] Client Registration and performance

Eivind Larsen eivind at jotta.no
Thu May 3 07:29:45 EDT 2018

Hi Keycloak Devs!

Posted this on keycloak-user but didn’t get any response, so trying here.

We are planning on using the Client Registration flow for setting up
clients on login.
This is mainly to more clearly identify each individual device a user
has logged in with.

Are there anyone using this feature in production with a large number
of clients?

With our current stats, we would probably end up with a million
clients by the end of the year.

1. Will this scale well with the way Keycloak works?
2. If a user loses their device, how should a full revoke & logout be performed?
   I could not find an easy way to find all users’ sessions via the
API, nor all clients.
3. Is there an alternative approach to give each user more control
over their device and session?

Eivind Larsen

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