[keycloak-dev] PKCE support for Keycloak Adapters (OAuthRequestAuthenticator)

Thomas Darimont thomas.darimont at googlemail.com
Thu May 31 08:09:47 EDT 2018

Hi folks,

I've got a working PoC for PKCE support in the Keycloak JS adapter that
supports `plain` and `S256` code_challenge_methods.
Works very well with Keycloak 4.0.0.beta3 and Keycloak 3.4.3.Final. Perhaps
this could serve as a base for a real PR.

I needed to use two small js libraries to have proper support for sha256
and base64 encoding for Unit8Arrays in order to
produce a codeChallenge in the same way the Keycloak server does it, for
details see commit.


Looks like this would solve the issue
https://issues.jboss.org/browse/KEYCLOAK-1033 (which would probably need to
be renamed).


On Wed, May 30, 2018 at 11:57 PM Thomas Darimont <
thomas.darimont at googlemail.com> wrote:

> Good point. Yes the main use case for PKCE are public clients / native
> apps.
> However the recently published OAuth 2.0 Security Best Current Practice
> (Draft 06 2018) [1] states:
> "
> 2.1.  Protecting redirect-based flows
> ...
>  Clients shall use PKCE [RFC7636] in order to (with the help of the
>    authorization server) detect and prevent attempts to inject (replay)
>    authorization codes into the authorization response.  The PKCE
>    challenges must be transaction-specific and securely bound to the
>    user agent, in which the transaction was started.  OpenID Connect
>    clients may use the "nonce" parameter of the OpenID Connect
>    authentication request as specified in [OpenID] in conjunction with
>    the corresponding ID Token claim for the same purpose.
> Note: although PKCE so far was recommended as mechanism to protect
>    native apps, this advice applies to all kinds of OAuth clients,
>    including web applications.
> "
> The last "Note" section was what inspired me to look into PKCE support for
> server-side adapters as well.
> But I generally agree that this is probably better suited for the JS /
> CLI/ keycloak-installed adapters.
> [1] https://tools.ietf.org/html/draft-ietf-oauth-security-topics-06
> On Wed, May 30, 2018 at 8:38 AM Stian Thorgersen <sthorger at redhat.com>
> wrote:
>> As PKCE is aimed at public clients why is there a need to add support
>> for this to the Java adapters? Makes more sense to add this to the
>> JavaScript adapter and CLI/desktop adapter.
>> On 30 May 2018 at 07:47, 乗松隆志 / NORIMATSU,TAKASHI <
>> takashi.norimatsu.ws at hitachi.com> wrote:
>>> Hello,
>>> I've encountered the same problem and gave up.
>>> At that time, the naive idea had hit on me.
>>> * prepare some concurrently accessible singleton (line
>>> KeycloakDeployment) from OAuthRequestAuthenticator
>>> * store generated codeVerifier on it with state parameter value as its
>>> key.
>>> But, considering the nature of codeVerifier, the followings are required
>>> for such the store
>>> * codeVerifier should be treated the same secure levels as client
>>> credentials
>>> * codeVerifier should be short-lived and deleted after its life the same
>>> as Authorization Code
>>> Therefore, It might be better to create an tentative instance whose
>>> lifetime is between issuing Authorization Code Request and issuing Token
>>> Request. And, it should be identified and only accessible from the session
>>> instance who issued Authorization Code Request.
>>> However, I'm afraid it might be difficult to accomplish it in generic
>>> fashion. We need to implement the above each type of client adapter.
>>> Best regards,
>>> Takashi Norimatsu
>>> Hitachi Ltd.,
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>>> Hi there,
>>> I was recently playing with the PKCE support in Keycloak (server) which
>>> worked quite well.
>>> However the support for client / adapters seems to be quite limited at
>>> the moment...
>>> I think support for PKCE to all? java adapters could be added quite
>>> easily
>>> - I could provide a
>>> PR but I'm currently stuck with finding a generic way to store the
>>> codeVerifier generated for the login redirect for later retrival for the
>>> code2token exchange.
>>> Do you have any recommendations for this?
>>> I created the following JIRA issue (with some comments) to track this:
>>> https://clicktime.symantec.com/a/1/bkUjActRvyW1Ds3zoQSu7mjr4Nabixm_1YJAW4-UxEM=?d=d5OUWVTwLT2kMkuISm5qn8WHJTBcSVkENKzaB0Z2mA-PX8kp40LeKyOrcMpyKd841kYgP2EXaDDWYa0qu-AFLCtVLO4LvMfUJgUhu3xFwONMPy78dypmmmeEalkcYLU4XY3LcstbfVAoE0jRdEXXMyYStWwO95V_98pfhIYFlYFIHgapXJsFfGrldL8-siYGhinjnCn_AWyuyqrwhvBY582Dr3Pn9k4YZfsudBwcSJkErQKzyYEKfMhwz4ix7EAa-hvQ6rGHFdSza3jf1cMjsR4Xio667eNtirL9ruV4Z-FFQhamJMSJGb2o8rR52iEuGTp_28Vivk5HiwYx5XhZ4Bm9_dhN2eNeWT396bZQJwC7tDetr6UPVrPiMn6aTLdGMu6Wr-byBNvnEFmqxCB0Cx1tPxQkO4DVWKF4_iWgxZ6sW49k87BqaRTp3ktECRXNJ-CA04UZQbL7w-uPYlxvyvNNl408bCn5LpYf8w%3D%3D&u=https%3A%2F%2Fissues.jboss.org%2Fbrowse%2FKEYCLOAK-7467
>>> Cheers,
>>> Thomas
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