[keycloak-dev] translate keycloak

Eugen Stan ieugen at netdava.com
Mon Feb 4 08:39:09 EST 2019


Hello again. We managed to translate some languages already and we would
like to contribute the translations upstream and hopefully improve the
translation process.

We have some feedback from our process. We use this process internally
and the idea is to have it working for keycloak open source

Proposal for Keycloak

- We propose to move the community translations in a separate git
project - just with the translations

- That repository is going to be used by Weblate as a source of
translations ( use Free Hosted Weblate - https://hosted.weblate.org/  )

- The translations project can be added as a git sub module to the
keycloak project

- during build the translations can be copied to the final artifact

We do this allready and we can help with the code migrations. Having
this setup will improve the contributions to translations and also the
ability to change the translations easily.




La 01.12.2018 19:22, Eugen Stan a scris:
> Hello,
> Where can we find the translation files for Keycloak and what is the
> process for upstreaming them?
> We are planning to deploy Keycloak for authentication for our services.
> We have users all accross the globe and we have translators that we can
> ask to translate.
> I'm planning to push the translations upstream once they are done (need
> to get approbal on this).
> Regards,
> Eugen

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