[keycloak-dev] Keycloak Support for testcontainers-java

Thomas Darimont thomas.darimont at googlemail.com
Tue Feb 12 03:48:25 EST 2019

Hello Keycloak Team,

I've seen that Keycloak uses testcontainers-java for Keycloak integration
tests but doesn't seem to expose a Keycloak testcontainer that can be used
outside of the Keycloak build.
I've been working on adding dedicated support for Keycloak to the
testcontainers-java project.

The idea is to be able to parameterize Keycloak containers based on
standard or custom images and provide an API to interact with Keycloak.

Current API would allow to manage Keycloak users in an integration test and
import an existing realm definition. This can be used to test Keycloak
integrations during integration tests with a local Keycloak.

An example for this can be found here:

What do you think about that?


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