[keycloak-dev] Example Setup to simplify the development of Keycloak Extensions

Stian Thorgersen sthorger at redhat.com
Tue Feb 12 06:21:31 EST 2019

I'd say it would be better to target the real distribution rather than the
KeycloakServer. It should be reasonably easy to setup Arquillian to use the
Keycloak distribution from Maven Central and allow it to hot-deploy
extensions for testing purposes.

On Tue, 12 Feb 2019 at 09:42, Thomas Darimont <
thomas.darimont at googlemail.com> wrote:

> Hello Keycloak-Team,
> I found a neat setup to simplify the development of Keycloak extensions.
> I setup a "keycloak-extension-playground" project that contains two or more
> maven modules:
> - keycloak-playground-server
> - simple-auth-extension (example)
> In the "keycloak-playground-server" module, I wrap a KeycloakServer from
> the "keycloak-testsuite-utils" library where one could potentially add
> additional configuration. Note that this library must be in (local) Maven
> Repository.
> The "simple-auth-extension" is an example extension module that
> demonstrates the usage of the Authenticator SPI.
> I now declare "simple-auth-extension" as a compile time dependency of the
> "keycloak-playground-server" project. This ensures that it's classes and
> resources are on the classpath of KeycloakServer. Therefore all SPI
> implementations in custom extensions can be found. This improves the
> debugging experience and speeds up development time.
> The example project can be found here:
> https://github.com/thomasdarimont/keycloak-extension-playground
> What do you guys think about this approach?
> Cheers,
> Thomas
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