[keycloak-dev] Client and Service Account Session

Thomas Darimont thomas.darimont at googlemail.com
Wed Feb 13 10:27:08 EST 2019

Hello Jörg,

I built an example app that demonstrates this spring-boot-admin / Keycloak

Would it help to use offline_tokens for the spring-boot-admin service
account instead of normal refresh-tokens?

Unfortunately the Keycloak Admin client library currently does not support
custom scopes like scope=offline_access.

I just pushed a PoC with patched offline_access support via a custom
TokenManager. Would you mind giving it a try?


Am Mi., 13. Feb. 2019 um 10:43 Uhr schrieb Zaunegger, Jörg <
Joerg.Zaunegger at kvbawue.de>:

> Hi Pedro,
> In our application we are securing spring-actuator endpoints with a
> keycloak role. These endpoints are requested repeatedly (every 5 s) by an
> application called spring-boot-admin<
> https://github.com/codecentric/spring-boot-admin>. For the request
> spring-boot-admin obtains an AccessToken. Because there is a session for
> each request, we have thousands of open sessions for the service account of
> spring-boot-admin.
> Any news, suggestions or solutions on avoiding these open sessions?
> Thanks.
> Jörg Zaunegger
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> Hi,
> Currently, every time a confidential client tries to get a new access token
> from the token endpoint a new session is created on the server. This can
> lead to multiple active sessions for a single client/service account when
> doing multiple requests to token endpoint.
> To avoid that the client should store the access token/refresh token and
> use a refresh token when appropriate in case the access token has expired.
> That is fine.
> Now, suppose a confidential client is deployed and wants an access token. A
> new session will be created on the server. In case the application goes
> down for some reason (e.g.: container moved to a different node in
> kubernetes and without a persistent volume) and tries to get a new access
> token, we may end-up with two active sessions when asking for a new token
> after a re-deploy.
> What are your thoughts about re-using existing sessions when doing client
> credentials ? What could be the impact on clustering if we need (and we'll
> probably need) to update the session ?
> Another question would be ... Does make sense to also enable clients to
> obtain tokens without necessarily creating a session on the server ? I
> think that in most cases, you don't really want to keep track of sessions
> when doing client credentials.
> Regards.
> Pedro Igor
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