[keycloak-dev] Allow AdminEvents for custom resource types

Lösch, Sebastian Sebastian.Loesch at governikus.de
Tue Feb 19 23:29:53 EST 2019

Hello devs,

we implemented a custom resource type as an extension to keycloak.
For traceability reasons we would like to track actions for this custom resource type via AdminEvents.
Unfortunately the resource type is represented by the enum ResourceType. Therefore no AdminEvents for custom non standard resource types can be created.
It would be nice if it is possible to specify the resource type as string value also.

This is only a small change, because the resource type is only provided via enum but handled as string value internally.
I provided a pull request for that enhancement: https://github.com/keycloak/keycloak/pull/5882

May anybody have a look on that review?

Best regards,

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