[keycloak-dev] Application Initiated Actions

Stian Thorgersen sthorger at redhat.com
Wed Feb 27 10:09:23 EST 2019

Keycloak currently has required actions that are used to prompt the user to
perform an action associated with their account after authenticating, but
prior to being redirected to the application.

Examples include: configure OTP, update profile, validate email, etc.

One issue here is these actions have to be manually registered with the
users account, but can not be initiated by applications themselves. As an
example it may not be required by all users to verify their email, but only
when they use specific applications.

Keycloak also needs to initiate actions from the account management
console. Examples: updating email address should require verifying the
email, configuring OTP, etc.

With that in mind we are proposing to introduce Application Initiated
Actions. An Application Initiated Action behind the scenes is just a
Required Action, but it is initiated by an application and depending on the
action may be optional for the user to complete (where the user can select
cancel which would return the user back to the application).

No Application Initiated Actions should perform any updates to the users
account without prompting the user first. For example an application
initiated action that is used to link an existing account to a social
provider should ask the user first if they want to link to the provider.

To make it easy for applications to integrate these I would like to
leverage the standard OAuth flows that applications use to authenticate
users. So to initiate verify-email action the application would redirect to
the authentication endpoint and add kc_action=<action alias> query

One open question I have right now is. Assuming all Application Initiated
Actions always prompt the user first do we need to add some mechanism in
place to restrict what clients/applications are permitted to initiate an
action? Requiring that would make it harder to use for applications.

One thing I would also like to add is the ability for an Application
Initiated Action to require the user to re-authenticate prior to performing
the action. For example update password should require the user to enter
the current password, while verify email should not (as it simply sends an
email with a link to continue).

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