[keycloak-user] keycloak with angular/restfull

Juan Diego juandiego83 at gmail.com
Mon Jun 1 19:56:10 EDT 2015


I am doing an app with angularjs with keycloak.  There a few things that I
dont know how to do it, I have being seing the videos and reading
documentation so I have 2 questions.

Regarding the model of the database, how am I supposed to link Users to
Tables.   How do you recommend to work on the model, I am kind of cluless
For example before I had a table User and a Table Pictures. Now my users
are in the KeyCloak database, how are you supposed to handle tables that
would have been linked to a user.
My second question is about my front and backend.  I am just allowing my
users to upload pictures it is a small app.  I am doing the front end with
AngularJS so it is basically html+javascript, and the backend handles the
services.  Should I create a client in my KeyCloak for the frontend and
another for the backend. It seems to my that I should create a  client only
for the backend , and the front end needs to validate against that.


Juan Diego Calle
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