[keycloak-user] Keycloak and desktop

Alik Kurdyukov akurdyukov at gmail.com
Fri Jun 5 09:35:13 EDT 2015


I have a little question on integrating desktop application with Keycloak. I have
1. Desktop application that is a client to (1) a non-web server application and (2) a web server application
2. Non-web server application
3. Web application that is a Keycloak client
4. Keycloak server

I want to ask user to auth once with Keycloak (using native WPF window) and use token of some kind for both servers.

The questions are
1. What API should desktop application use to auth user with Keycloak? (maybe, I need to read keycloak.js code?)
2. What API should non-web server use to verify token?
3. Can I use bearer token with keycloak client that has access type ‘confidential', not ‘bearer only’?

Thank you for your work :)

Best regards,
Alik Kurdyukov
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