[keycloak-user] org.keycloak.VerificationException: Token is not active

Carlos Feria carlosthe19916 at gmail.com
Mon Jun 8 11:56:54 EDT 2015

Hi all.

I'm migrating my app to *keycloak-1.2.0.Final*. In this escenario i *have
two servers*, one for *keycloak* and other *wildfly+keycloak-adapter* for
myApp.war, both servers are in diferent hosts.

I'm using javascript adapter for my app and a wildfly-adapter for my

Javascript adapter send a requests as:
*Bearer eyJhb..............b-ckM2WKRPgopaeQ3I3ZXQwOyYWFGEd5OIHqA*

my problem is that when i send a request to restApi.war i have an exception

ERROR [org.keycloak.adapters.BearerTokenRequestAuthenticator] (default
task-14) Failed to verify token: *org.keycloak.VerificationException: Token
is not active.*

this tell me that my token is not active....i can't find where is the
problem. In keycloak-1.1.Final this configuration was good. Please help me.

Carlos E. Feria Vila
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