[keycloak-user] Help us understand integration options that would allow us easy future upgrades

George Leon g.leon at betiator.com
Fri Jun 12 03:13:42 EDT 2015

Good Morning everybody,

We need to send / propagate in real time   some  user  data ( user_name 
and email for example  )   when a new user registers via Keycloak 
registration form
to our operations database that is in Couchbase .  I like to explore 
what would be the best solution as to allow us easy future upgrades.

Our scenario is to use JBoss Keycloak  with Mysql DB  and have our 
application   frontend    a Javascript client  that hits the Restful API 
backend on Wildfly  that talks to Couchbase database. Our Frontend app 
will use the JBoss Keycloak  login / registration to allow users to get 
token and then use the restful API that is based on RestEasy and is 
under Keycloak security.   Now as Couchbase is high performance    we 
need to minimize the mysql exposure .

Totally exteranlly to JBoss Keycloak
1) one way  I see this is if we can do at the Database layer  with a 
table trigger on the user table to run a external java program .
2) with a process running and checking and syncing the data
     ,but they do not seem natural and as programmers we might do better.

With minimal intervention in front end
3) Overriding some code in the JBoss Keycloak front-end registration 
page   (  can't seen to find it however is it a JSP?  where might i find 
it ? )

With intervention in JBoss Keycloak if it is supported some how
4)  Hook in to  JBoss Keyclock some where  to run our custom java code 
when user registration happens ?

5) Also I see that the admin API   has create, update delete user 
endpoints but we would really like to use JBoss Keycloak
   for login and registration etc to get the added features  you provide.

6) Does Keycloak  have a work flow engine  for user registration that we 
could add pragmatically   a custom java action to it  ?

Basically we need help on understanding  integration options   that 
would allow us easy future upgrades.

Thanks in advanced
George Leon

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