[keycloak-user] Application and Realm Roles

Marek Posolda mposolda at redhat.com
Wed Jun 17 06:43:09 EDT 2015

Currently if you use "use-resource-role-mappings" to true, the JEE roles 
(those used for protection in security-constraints in web.xml) are used 
from Application roles, otherwise from Realm roles. Currently we don't 
have possibility to use both realm and application roles for that.

However the alternative is, that you can retrieve the keycloak 
accessToken in your application (See our examples on how to do that) and 
this accessToken will contain all the realm and application roles of the 
user. This allows you to do some more role based filtering 
programmatically in your application.


On 16.6.2015 15:58, Edem Morny wrote:
> Hi,
> I've created a realm, and a default role in that realm called "user". 
> I then created a client and added an application role to the client. 
> I've set "use-resource-role-mappings" to true in the keycloak.json 
> file inside my war file.
> I attempt to access a path that is protected by the role "user", and 
> log in with an account that has both the realm role "user" and the 
> application role "mdc-staff", and I'm redirected to my 403 page, 
> meaning the "user" role didn't seem to be available to the user. When 
> I attempt to access a path protected by the "mdc-staff" role, i don't 
> get a 403, meaning that the application specific role is available.
> Is there something I need to do to enable both realm and application 
> level roles available to the user when I login? This is very key for 
> us to implementing SSO for different client secured by the same realm. 
> I thought "Full Scopes Allowed" was not enabled, but it was and still 
> things don't work as expected.
> Cheers.
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