[keycloak-user] Angular Product app do over

Juan Diego juandiego83 at gmail.com
Fri Jun 26 18:12:43 EDT 2015

I am not much of an angular expert ( i have being working with angular for
a month), but after working with keycloak and angular, I  wanted to give
the angular product app a do over, I dont like that the app depends too
much on angular.element(document).ready,  and that you have javascript
variables outside angular objects.  Also responseInterceptors are completly
deprecated with angular 1.4.  So I tried to update the code to the best of
my limited abilities.
This the app.js
This is the index.html,

I can clean the code up so it can work like the angular-product-app, but I
tried to make it work with best practices and using providers to set te
Also I set it up to use check-sso and added a login button, I think this
example might be more helpfull for mid level users of keycloak, to explain
how to make it work.

I was going to submit this to dev forum but I thought I should ask users to
test it a little bit.

I am open to changes.


Juan Diego
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