[keycloak-user] Importing an Application (Client) into an Existing Realm

Lohitha Chiranjeewa kalc04 at gmail.com
Tue Jun 30 02:37:31 EDT 2015


We get the need to create applications (clients) from time to time in our
already existing realm. Since these clients have to be created in all the
environments (dev, QA, staging, production) we'd like it to be (partly)
automated rather than creating them through Admin console in each

We've seen an 'Import Client' option in the Clients section in the Admin
console, but not sure how to create the initial client so that it can be
imported. The only import type is 'SAML 2.0 Entity Descriptor', which we
aren't sure about as well. Can someone point out how we should continue to
build the initial client here?

Also, if there is an option to update the existing realm with the 'Export
Realm' facility, that would do as well. However that's not possible I

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