[keycloak-user] Search by client roles & search by custom attributes

Remi Cartier remi.cartier at imetrik.com
Mon Oct 5 09:07:25 EDT 2015

Hey there,

Question 1:

I was wondering if there was an existing mechanism to fetch users that have some specific client roles.

My scenario is this one. As a SSO provider, different applications (clients) are created in Keycloak.
A specific user can have roles for some of those clients.

If, in one of my application, I want to list all the users that ‘belongs’ to me (that have roles for my application) how do I do that ?

I don’t want to list all the users and they filter them by some criteria, that would be a very inefficient way to do it. (CPU + Bandwidth)

Question 2:

In the search REST admin endpoint, is there a mechanism to filter on specific custom attributes ?

for example. I created a language attribute for a user. I now want to list all my users with custom attribute language=FR for example, how do I do that ?

Syntax could be :
/search?attribute1=language&value1=FR or

Thank for your time and great work.
Sorry if those questions have already been asked (if so, please,  simply point me to some reference without repeating yourself)

Cheers !


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