[keycloak-user] Cluster configuration does not work

Rafael Coutinho rafael.coutinho at gmail.com
Wed Oct 14 14:27:34 EDT 2015


I have an environment with an AngularJS app client, which authenticates
user and keeps its data, and a server app that receive some requests for
Webservices resources.
For some webservices I need, on the server side, to translate the token
into the user information. For that I use the url:


with the Authorization token.

The problem is that the server is behind a load balance and access keycloak
thru port 8080. While AngularJS access the same server thru port 80.

Keycloak complains that the Token was issued from a different url than I'm
querying on the server side. Forcing me to use the same hostname and port
on the server and on the client.

Is that correct? How will I deploy on a distribuited environment?

ps. I'm using my own HTTP client to make that request to userinfo.
ps2. I have added   "auth-server-url-for-backend-requests" however I don't
see any difference.

Rafael Coutinho
Software Engineer
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