[keycloak-user] Jackson2 Support for AdminClient

Travis De Silva traviskds at gmail.com
Sun Oct 18 19:27:18 EDT 2015


Some previous posts discuss about the error you get when you use the Admin
Client in Jackson2 environments.

The current solution seems to be

1. Revert to Jackson 1 by specifying it in the jboss deployment xml

2. Use the Admin REST API directly.

Option 1 is possible if your application does not depend on any jackson2
feature (which is not the case for me and I suspect many others as well)

So we end using using the Admin REST API directly which is a shame as the
AdminClient looks a more elegant option that we can use out of the box.

There also seems to be a Jira issue present for this

Any idea if this will get resolved anytime in the near future.

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