[keycloak-user] Unified login for existing applications

Joseph Djomeda joseph at djomeda.com
Fri Oct 23 03:59:14 EDT 2015

Hi Community,

Thanks for all the amazing features list I have read about this product and
that is truly exciting.Kudos for pulling down all that. I am new to the
world of SSO and so on but I am doing my home work catching up.

I have a problem and I am wondering whether keycloak is the solution. We
have 5 different applications each using etiher apache shiro or spring
security for authentication. Those using shiro have different hashing
algorithm and different number of iterations. We are about to launch new
products each with their own authentication so we were like why not go
google model.

here are few questions I would like to ask those of you actively using

   - Can I build an application with keycloak embedded in it where keycloak
   provides identity based on some logic that we will put in the parent
   application. Logic like how to merge all products mentioned earlier?
   - Supposing no work is needed and everything I mentioned is supported
   can keycloak allow relooking/branding of UI such a way it's inline with
   most of UI directions we have for all our existing products?
   - Can I use keycloak to not only provide SSO for our own applications
   but also make that keycloak become and ID provider (likes of openID etc )
   for other applicaitons that we don't own?

Thanks for reading my questions and I hope I will be able to learn from all
of you

Best Regards,
Joseph Kodjo-Kuma Djomeda
check out my pains at : www.mycodingpains.com
We become what we think about ourselves........
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