[keycloak-user] Failed to import IDP meta data into keycloak

Mai Zi ornot2008 at yahoo.com
Mon Oct 26 04:16:55 EDT 2015

Hi, there,
1) We failed to import  idp meta data into keycloak (see attachment for the sample xml).  Pls help taka a look what's going on. 
2) Suppose we can not import the metadata , based on the sample xml given in the attachment, which fields should we fill?     

3)  In the user guide, there is one sentence:  "Once you create a SAML provider, there is an EXPORT button that appears when viewing that provider. Clicking this button will export a SAML entity descriptor which you can use to" 
     Here "That provider" means the keycloak as a SP provider ?  From the demo exported data , it seems so.  Am I right?  
     To work with the 3rd party IDP, we should provide the exported metadata to idp, shouldn't we?

I am not familiar with saml concept so any help will be greatly appreciated.



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