[keycloak-user] Problems when changing ID of a federated LDAP user.

Kevin Thorpe kevin.thorpe at p-i.net
Mon Oct 26 12:29:25 EDT 2015

We changed the uid of an LDAP user to bring it into line with our policy on
ids. This has broken the federation because of the id change. I'm not sure
to work round this but can we at least have some form of notification
outside of
the application logs?

Message in logs:
10/26/2015 4:20:30 PM [0m [31m16:20:30,439 ERROR
[org.keycloak.federation.ldap.LDAPFederationProviderFactory] (default
task-45) Failed during import user from LDAP:
org.keycloak.models.ModelDuplicateException: Can't import user 'will.cross'
from LDAP because email 'will at pibenchmark.com' already exists in Keycloak.
Existing user with this email is 'will_cross'

*Kevin Thorpe*
www.p-i.net | @PI_150 <https://twitter.com/@PI_150>
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