[keycloak-user] info about sso without login prompt

Notarnicola, Mara M.Notarnicola at klopotek.it
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Yes you have perfectly understood what I mean.
Ok thanks

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Not exactly sure what you are doing here, but I assume you are using direct grant (or resource owner password credential grant as oauth2 calls is) to exchange a username+password for a token? If so that will not support SSO. To enable SSO you must use the proper redirect based login and have your users login through Keycloak's login page.

On 28 October 2015 at 02:12, Notarnicola, Mara <M.Notarnicola at klopotek.it<mailto:M.Notarnicola at klopotek.it>> wrote:
Dear all,
I’m using keycloak js adapter in order to log in user into an application.
I need to integrate a previous system of authentication with this new one.
To do this, I use user’s credentials passed by the old system, to automatically retrieve keycloak grant calling the related web service.
So I have the session data but I’m not able to use single-sign-on in fact when I open another tab the user isn’t logged in anymore.
I need to know if there is a way to create a sso session, if I must use cookies or browser local storage.

Thank you for your time

Marianna Notarnicola

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