[keycloak-user] Error enabling 'Sync Registrations' for LDAP (FreeIPA) User Federation

Marek Posolda mposolda at redhat.com
Mon Jun 13 10:20:07 EDT 2016

On 13/06/16 15:47, Rafael T. C. Soares wrote:
> ___
> Rafael T. C. Soares
> On 06/13/2016 04:54 AM, Marek Posolda wrote:
>> The "Sync registration" doesn't work with LDAP provider configured 
>> against FreeIPA.
> Is this issue specific for FreeIPA? Is it supposed to work for other 
> LDAP Impl and MS AD?
Yes, it should work for other LDAP Impl.

The FreeIPA is a bit special, as the registration of user needs to be 
done properly through SSSD or something, not through calling LDAP API 
directly. SSSD updates LDAP and do some other required things to have 
user account in correct state. That's what FreeIPA CLI is doing as well 

> Thanks!

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